Notes on Space Ace

LaserCon has three enhancement boards to use with Space Ace...

MERLIN: The LaserCon Merlin board is a laserdisc player conversion board. Merlin replaces the game's ROM board and re-programs the game system to use a modern laserdisc player. No extra boards need to be installed in the machine. Merlin also provides multiple ROM sets, including "Space Ace Enancement" and Dragon's Lair.

The LDP Converter: The "Original" LaserCon LDP conversion card can be used to upgrade Space Ace to a modern Laserdisc player.
It supports both the U.S. and European verions of Space Ace, but not the 1991 Leland version of Space Ace.
No extra ROMs are included with the LaserCon Original.
LaserCon can enable the use of the 1991 laserdisc in a 1983 Space Ace machine.
LaserCon can enable the use of an NTSC laserdisc in a European Space Ace machine.

MultiROM for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace: This board replaces the original ROM board on the U.S. Versions of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace.
With the MultiROM installed, the player can change the gameplay firmware at each start-up. MultROM includes 11 versions of Dragon's Lair (the earliest Beta version to the last arcade version), and 4 versions of Space Ace. You also get "Dragon's Lair Enhancement" and "Space Ace Enhancement", new versions with improved gameplay.
However, MultiROM is NOT a player conversion card.


The Best replacement Laserdisc players for Space Ace are the a Pioneer LD-V8000, LD-V4400, LD-V4300D and LD-V4200.
Other players that work are the Pioneer CLD-2600, CLD-2400 and LD-V2200.
For the European version of Space Ace use the Pioneer LD-V4300D or LD-4100P.
When using a NTSC disc in a European Space Ace, A NTSC to PAL video conversion device is also required but not included in the LaserCon kit.

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