Notes on Goal to Go

The "Original" LaserCon LDP conversion card can be used to upgrade Goal to Go to a modern laserdisc player.
The LDP converter can replace the PR-8210 or the LD-1100, whether it is controled via IR remote-control or direct wire.

The only replacement Laserdisc player for Goal to Go is the Pioneer LD-V8000.

Your LD-V8000 must be run at 4800 baud rate.

LaserCon Firmware 7.0 or higher is required.
Set LaserCon switches 1-4: ON OFF OFF OFF

Version 1.X of the LaserCon LDP Conversion board was not configured to work with games using the the PR-8210/A or LD-1100 Laserdisc players.
If you have one of these earlier boards, you must modify it for use with the PR-8210.

Download and follow these instructions first...

             If your game uses an IR remote at the front of the player --> IR 8210 Modification
             If your game uses a direct wire into the back of the player --> Direct-wire 8210 Modification


G2G Set-up Instructions for The LDP Converter

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