Notes on Cliff Hanger

The "Original" LaserCon LDP conversion card can be used to upgrade Cliff Hanger to a modern laserdisc player.
The LDP converter can replace the PR-8210 or the LD-1100, whether it is controled via IR remote-control or direct wire.

The only replacement Laserdisc player for Cliff Hanger is the Pioneer LD-V8000.

Your LD-V8000 must be run at 4800 baud rate.

LaserCon Firmware 7.0 or higher is required.
Set LaserCon switches 1-4: ON OFF OFF OFF

Version 1.X of the LaserCon LDP Conversion board was not configured to work with games using the the PR-8210/A or LD-1100 Laserdisc players.
If you have one of these earlier boards, you must modify it for use with the PR-8210.

Download and follow these instructions first...

             If your game uses an IR remote at the front of the player --> IR 8210 Modification
             If your game uses a direct wire into the back of the player --> Direct-wire 8210 Modification


CH Set-up Instructions for The LDP Converter

Cliff Hanger Enhancement ROM set
This improved ROM set for Cliff Hanger corrects all of the audio/video over-runs found in the original factory ROM sets.
Game play is exactly the same as the original, just the errors are gone. Cliff Hanger now performs the way it's supposed to!

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