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Dragon's Lair II Enhancement

Add-On for existing Merlin & MultiROM Boards

Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp is now available for the 1983 Dragon's Lair hardware
in the form of "DL2E" running on the LaserCon Merlin Enhancement boards.

*** Visit the DL2E Information Website ***

If you already have a Merlin, or the older LaserCon MultiROM board, you can have your board upgraded
to include DL2E. If you don't already have a Merlin board, please visit the main pages for Merlin-8000 or Merlin-1000.

Time Warp is a much larger game then the original Dragon's Lair. Nearly three times the number of moves are required to complete the game.
The data required to run this game actually exceeds the original limit of the 1983 game board.
The Merlin MultiROM board can hold this data, but even Merlin was not originally designed to work with such a large game.
Luckily your Merlin can be modified to hold and run DL2E, but it must be returned to LaserCon for the upgrade.

                   How do I get my Merlin or MultiROM upgraded and have DL2E Installed?

                   1. Email me first: shaun@wood1st.com
                      Tell me which version of Merlin you have and which Laserdisc player or conversion card you are using.
                      We will discuss which version of Merlin is best for you, and schedule your upgrade.

                   2. Make your payment.
                      The price for Dragon's Lair II Enhancement is $60. The price for the hardware upgrade, and return shipping is $40.
                      $100 total. You will receive a PayPal link and a shipping address in the Email replay to step-1.

                   3. Mail in your Merlin / MultiROM board.

                   4. Your upgraded Merlin board will be returned to you via Priority Mail, ready to install and play.

The Enhancement ROMs for Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Time Warp, are all the result of hard work by my good friend Dave Hallock. He has spent hundreds of hours (countless actually) working on these games for our enjoyment. The small amount of money brought in by the sale of DL2E will never equal the amount of work done in creating them. If you enjoy these "Enhancement" games, and would like to see more, please take the time to visit the Dragon's Lair Project Forums
and say "Thank You" to Dave.                   -Shaun Wood

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